Custom Art

Would you like to have a custom mandala created for you?

Gail Alexander is available for commissioned art projects.

If you would like to discuss a custom art project or would like to purchase custom artwork, please contact Gail directly at:

(847) 903.3160

Client Testimonial

“Wow, the mandala is incredible. When I first saw it, I felt very emotional. But, the energy of the drawing makes me feel at home. Also, I immediately noticed that the drawing looks like a rose. When I meditate, there are often roses. A rose symbolizes everything I wish to manifest in my life. I use it to communicate my desire outwardly and my angels show me the roses when I am needing guidance or reminders. Having the mandala come out as it did, is extremely meaningful to me. Thank you again, Gail. I am very excited to have this drawing in my home.” ~ Kristina N