Energy of December 2016

Energy of December 2016

Energy of December 2016

What a year this has been, so many ups and downs.  We have all been tested to learn what is holding us back in order to release it and move forward.  I am no different.  I feel like I have been squeezed in a vice for the last several months and it is finally starting to ease up a little.

The election in the United States and the events all over the world seem to be testing our humanity right now, with what we will and will not tolerate.   It seems humanity is being forced to make a choice between the old and the new.   Also, the world is not what it appears and if we are really creating our own reality let us create one of love and tolerance not hate and evil.  This is our choice.  This year will determine our destiny as human beings.

Please choose love and compassion.  Please choose light, peace and grace right now.  There are so many hurting who need help.  For those on the path please help illuminate the path for others who are just learning.  We are here to learn to work together not against each other.


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