Energy of November 2016

Energy of November 2016

Energy of November 2016

The energy of the month blogs will be shorter than my regular blogs, with just a few thoughts and things to think about for the month.   What can I say about the energy of November 2016, other than to say, it is a little wonky.  This of course is an understatement.  It is very wonky and somewhat unstable.

Personally, I have always enjoyed November as it is my birth month.  Also, November has Thanksgiving which is about being grateful and thankful. This could not come at a better time this year.  We all need a little time to reflect, be thankful and appreciative for what we have.

The election in the United States though is foreshadowing all of this just a little.  Okay, well a lot. However, luckily the election will be over the beginning of the month.    We will continue to hear about the election for the next couple of months and the negativity from the campaigning will hopefully start to dissipate.  Sometimes it is hard with so many people stuck in fear. It is palpable right now.  What if we all tried to keep an open mind and be open to different possibilities and accept the outcome whatever it will be graciously.

I hope it is a good month for all those reading this and that we are able to move forward and can all live with the results from the election peacefully.

Thanks for joining me.  Until next time. Good Journey.

Namaste, Gail

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