“Gail’s book “I don’t know how I know…I just know” spoke to me in ways few other books ever have. When I first started coloring the mandalas in the companion-coloring book I really didn’t expect anything to really “happen.” However what I realized is I had developed a stronger sense of inner peace and feeling of well-being.” ~ Kellie F

“I have consulted with multiple Intuitives and Psychics in the past 6 years. None of them has accurately portrayed my current challenges and predicted my future opportunities. Gail has always nailed the answers to my questions, without me even finishing the questions that I have for her and she has been totally correct in her predictions. She is the only person that I trust with her intuition. I am thankful for her and trust her implicitly.” ~ Barb T

“This is a unique story of a unique and challenge filled life. A cross between The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, the Twilight Zone and the Real World all rolled into one. I applaud and appreciate the bravery of this journey to be required to lead, without earthly direction and move forward while secluded, confused and misunderstood.
I love the mandalas, meditations and Chakra information. Those alone are worthy of their own book. I look forward to a sequel, for those who are ready to expand the possibilities of what they see today.
Gail’s humor is a testament to her journey, teaching us all struggles are more palatable with a laugh.” ~ Julie T

“Thank you for writing this and for your courage to share it all. It is honest and heartfelt and inspires others to be the same. I like the mixture of your personal experience with messages and meditations.” ~ Holly C

“This book will give you a glimpse into the wild ride of one very gifted woman! She shares stories from her personal experience, and encourages each one of us to be open to those “unexplainable” experiences we’ve all had. From channeling to healing, from multi-dimensional beings to past life experiences, Gail’s been through it all – and her entertaining and informative book will take you along in her journey. If you’re interested in the spiritual realm, you’re NOT going to want to miss this one!” ~ Sue K

“I haven’t worked personally with you Gail, but I have to say ‘ I am in awe of your inspirational and creative work with the beautiful Mandalas you have created for the Wellness Universe’. Much love and success <3" ~ Linda

“I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a number of Gail’s many talents.  The personal energy mandala that she drew for me continues to “speak to me” and supports my personal growth.  Her intuitive readings are incredibly accurate and have made an indelible mark on my own intuitive journey.  Gail comes from the highest frequency, and I HIGHLY recommend her services – in whatever form you’re fortunate enough to receive them.”  ~ Sue K.

“Wow, the mandala is incredible. When I first saw it, I felt very emotional. But, the energy of the drawing makes me feel at home. Also, I immediately noticed that the drawing looks like a rose. When I meditate, there are often roses. A rose symbolizes everything I wish to manifest in my life. I use it to communicate my desire outwardly and my angels show me the roses when I am needing guidance or reminders. Having the mandala come out as it did, is extremely meaningful to me. Thank you again, Gail. I am very excited to have this drawing in my home.” ~ Kristina N

“I have a mandala created by Gail. The message channeled was completely accurate and the energy in the room where it hangs shifted dramatically after it was hung.  I love it and I feel the energy emanating from it. I gave several mandalas as gifts and the response and effects are the same for my friends.  I have several of the Gail’s discs created from her art work. I am an energy worker and I can feel the difference in the energy when I use them in session. They are a powerful adjunct to an energy session and body workers would benefit from having them as a resource. I have jewelry made from Gail’s designs. Not only are they beautiful pieces but also carry the energy from the design and channeled message for that design. I can feel the energy when I wear the jewelry. It is a very special experience to wear her work.” ~ Kathy E