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Welcome to February 2017

As we move from January to February it is almost like finally being able to take a deep breath again.  January was full of issues and transitions for many people.  I for one am grateful to be in a new month with new energies and new possibilities. . . How about you?

It feels like February is also going to be about transitions  as well and they feeling less tumultuous.

Enjoy the month.

Janauary 2017 Welcome to the year of transitions and New Beginnings

Energy of December 2016

Energy of December 2016

What a year this has been, so many ups and downs.  We have all been tested to learn what is holding us back in order to release it and move forward.  I am no different.  I feel like I have been squeezed in a vice for the last several months and it is finally starting to ease up a little.

The election in the United States and the events all over the world seem to be testing our humanity right now, with what we will and will not tolerate.   It seems humanity is being forced to make a choice between the old and the new.   Also, the world is not what it appears and if we are really creating our own reality let us create one of love and tolerance not hate and evil.  This is our choice.  This year will determine our destiny as human beings.

Please choose love and compassion.  Please choose light, peace and grace right now.  There are so many hurting who need help.  For those on the path please help illuminate the path for others who are just learning.  We are here to learn to work together not against each other.


Time of Transition

These are my thoughts right now in this difficult time of transition.

As a light worker and healer the job or goal is to help others and yourself be clear and make things lighter. Notice I didn’t say better, I said lighter.

So, needless to say I am confused right now. Am I ecstatic over the election results, no I am not.   Sometimes, change is needed to shake us all up to realize what is important to us and to humanity. This is one of those times.

Maybe the best thing to do would be to go within and listen to what your heart has to say, not what fear or other people are saying. We have survived so many tragedies and events we did not think we would overcome already as human beings. We will survive this as well.

Maybe, it is about all of us living from a place of love and peace, not fear. Perhaps we need to think about what we are sending out into the world and what is reverberating back to us.   We are sending out fear and hate right now and that is what is reverberating back to us. Just think for a moment. We talk on cell phones and on the Internet wirelessly. This is all beamed out and transmitted back. Stop and think about what you are spreading.

Maybe, just maybe, all of this is about a change in consciousness. Maybe this is a global wake up call for us. To wake up from the dream, and no longer sleep through our lives and believe we are victims because we are not.

Please quiet yourself down for a moment go within and trust the wisdom of your higher self and/or the divine. Everything happens in divine or universal time not our human/earth time. Stop trying to control and manipulate. Instead, work on being in flow and accepting.

Take a time out to breathe and reflect before you post and spread energy.

Namaste, Gail

Energy of November 2016

Energy of November 2016

The energy of the month blogs will be shorter than my regular blogs, with just a few thoughts and things to think about for the month.   What can I say about the energy of November 2016, other than to say, it is a little wonky.  This of course is an understatement.  It is very wonky and somewhat unstable.

Personally, I have always enjoyed November as it is my birth month.  Also, November has Thanksgiving which is about being grateful and thankful. This could not come at a better time this year.  We all need a little time to reflect, be thankful and appreciative for what we have.

The election in the United States though is foreshadowing all of this just a little.  Okay, well a lot. However, luckily the election will be over the beginning of the month.    We will continue to hear about the election for the next couple of months and the negativity from the campaigning will hopefully start to dissipate.  Sometimes it is hard with so many people stuck in fear. It is palpable right now.  What if we all tried to keep an open mind and be open to different possibilities and accept the outcome whatever it will be graciously.

I hope it is a good month for all those reading this and that we are able to move forward and can all live with the results from the election peacefully.

Thanks for joining me.  Until next time. Good Journey.

Namaste, Gail

Gail Alexander Blog

My First Blog

For years, I have been told and have heard over and over again from many people that I needed to start a blog. I am usually not at a loss for what to say.  However, I thought about writing this blog and could not think of anything I wanted to share.

Then it hit me; maybe I could start with an introduction of sorts about what this blog may cover. So here it goes. With my sense of humor, I was going to name my blog Energy Mandalas and Ramblings by Gail.   After thinking about it, I decided that was not the direction to go, as other people may not have found that as funny as I did or understand my sense of humor.  For those of you who do not know me, I have a tendency to go off on tangents and over explain.  I think this has to do more with my therapist training then my intuitive or channeling abilities.  Nonetheless, no matter where it stems from, it is something I will do from time to time.   I can’t imagine that writing is going to be any different than talking for me, so there may be some rambling and over explaining going on here.

Over the coming months I would like to use this blog to share, thoughts, feelings, energy, channelings, meditations, excerpts from my books, mandalas and the energy of the month. I am going to be open to wherever spirit guides me to go, as most of the time I write, I am getting a little help from the other side.  I have learned to just be open, not judge and trust the process.   If I could leave you with one thing from this blog it would be that.  Be open, follow your heart and trust your intuition.

2016 has been a strange and difficult year for most of us to navigate, myself included.  I personally have had many blessings and been very fortunate.  I have published four books that I am very passionate about and really believe in. I have been able to do many radio and a few television interviews and really start to get my message out into the world.  Seeing myself on television or webcasts is still a strange thing for me, I have not gotten used to that yet.  At the same time my joy was curtailed with great sadness when my mother transitioned from her fight with cancer this year.   Knowing what I know about the afterlife and what happens when one drops or leaves there physical body did not prepare me for the deep sense of loss and wave of emotions I would encounter.  Every day has been a challenge as I allow myself to just ride and surf the waves and emotions of grief. I have been told that the first time you experience anything after a loss is difficult.  I am not sure that is completely true.  I think a loss is difficult and yes the first time you go through a holiday, birthday or major life event is hard.  However, I have noticed it is the little things that are even more difficult.  When I have a flash of something, or a memory or a smell, it all can trigger me to have even more emotions.  So, I am doing what we all do, I just keep breathing and doing my best to move forward and move on.  Every day the sun rises and sets I have choices and chances to do, be, accomplish things and live to the fullest I can.

I look forward to what is coming and how we as humans can all learn to be the most authentic we can be.  I look forward to what is ahead even though I am not sure what direction this will be taking.  I will trust the process. Thank you all for taking this journey with me.


Namaste, Gail